Going on a camping adventure is always a memorable experience. Getting out of town for a long weekend is a fantastic way to clear your head and spend some quality time with family and friends. Plenty of preparation goes into a camping trip, even if only spending a few days in the wilderness. And of course, forgetting essential items is common. A simple mistake of forgetting a certain item can easily turn your trip into a major headache. The mixture of excitement and mayhem in preparing everything before you leave can often cause forgetfulness, so it’s always wise to make a checklist. Your destination will play a central role in the type of camping items you’ll need, but this checklist aims to encompass all the essential items you’ll need when camping in Australia. Read More >>


If you’re traveling through the mid coast of New South Wales and need a place to rest, then Roses Park on the banks of the Bellingen River is the perfect spot for you. This camping spot is located in the very small town of Thora which is roughly 14km west of Bellingen and 14km east of Dorrigo on Waterfall Way. Most people pass through Coffs Harbour and head west to the Roses Park campsite which takes about an hour. While it’s certainly not a luxurious camping site, there are plenty of well-maintained facilities and activities to make the site a fun place to stop for a couple of days. With its large welcoming grassy areas and big shady trees, Roses Park camping site is a very popular overnight rest area for campers and caravanners alike. Read More >>