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Milford Cargo Barriers

Every Milford Cargo Barrier is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in Australia in accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers - AS4034 along with all relevant Australian Design Regulations (ADR's) to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions. If you have an accident or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons.

  • Maximum Protection Cargo Barriers
  • Dual Position Cargo Barrier Fitment
  • Easy Fit Cargo Barriers
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty


OUTBACK - Cargo Barriers

OUTBACK Half Barrier:

*Outback Half Barrier to be fitted ONLY to 4WD Interior Outback or ARB Outback Solutions Roller Drawer systems.

*OB200GX Barrier bottom mount points must be installed before roller drawer unit installation. 

Top mountings fasten to existing boltholes; barrier fastens to bottom mountings using highly visible "red dot" hand bolts.

Top Mount Nylon Grip Brake Assembly - Nylon Grip Brake Assembly takes up first inertia; serrations slows secondary inertia

Bottom Mount Secondary Impact Brackets - Bottom mount brackets take up first inertia; secondary impact bracket slows second inertia.

60kg Rating - Crash-tested to AS/NZS 4034.2:2001 Partial Cargo Barriers for 60kg capacity.

Easy Remove/Highly Visable Red Dot Hand Bolts - Red Dot Hand Bolts fasten barrier to top and bottom mountings

Barrier Removal - Easy removal and storage for that unexpected long load; No tools required! Simply undo the dot hand bolts, fold rear seats down and store barrier in front of folded seats.


OUTBACK - Rear Rack and Divider:

The Rear Rack & Divider is designed to further increase the usable storage capacity of an "Outback" Roller Drawer equiped vehicle. Combined with an "Outback" Half Barrier, the rack and divider also allows other cargo to be safely carried adjacent to the Fridge / Roller Floor and above it without closing off the necessary ventilation.  Maximum 15kgs storage on rack when mounted correctly.

Mesh & Bar Clamps -

Our purpose designed 'Mesh & Bar Clamps' moulded in reinforced nylon are used to clamp Rack to Divider and Rack to Barrier. No Squeaks - No Rattles!

Stainless Steel Fixing Clamps -

Our purpose designed 'Stainless Steel Fixing Clamps' with protective rubber covering are used to fasten Divider to Roller Drawer Floor and steel framework below.