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BULL BARS: At RFM 4x4 Woolloongabba, we can supply & fit a wide range of 4x4 bull bars to suit any commercial, fleet or leisure 4wd's.

Rhino Bars:

Our winch mount bull bars have been designed and built in Argentina and have been tested in the harsh conditions of South America and Africa for over 20 years. During this time the products have evolved and are now the most advanced protection systems in the world.

Front Bars

  • Toyota Hilus
  • VW Amarok
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Everest
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Nissan Y62 Patrol
  • Holden Colorado My 17
  • Toyota Hilux 2012+
  • Toyota Landcruiser

Nudge Bars

  • VW Amarok


Max Bars:

MAX Bull Bars offers a great deal of protection. These bars were tested strictly by Australian Safety Engineering (ASE) who perform extensive tests to establish quality and meets all standards.

The strength, versatility and quality of MAX Bull Bars will not only protect your vehicle, but also allow fitting of accessories to suit your touring and off-roading needs.

  • Designed in Australia
  • Manufactured from quality material
  • Airbag tested and compliant.
  • Twin rated (4,000kgs each) recovery points.
  • Winch bar compatible (cover plateprovided for non-winch installations).
  • Twin gusseted aerial mounts.
  • Twin reinforced hi-lift jack points.
  • LED indicator park lights.


Manufactured from high quality structural steel, Dobinsons bullbars are CNC cut, bent and welded for accurate fitment and optimum strength and durability.
Classic Black Bull Bar
  • Compatible with airbag and winch options
  • Dual re-inforced high lift jacking points
  • Mounts For Driving Lights
  • Park Lights
  • LED Indicators
  • Heavy duty powder-coat finish
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Polyurethane bumper overiders

 Classic Black Deluxe Bull Bar

  • Re-enforced bullbar wing tips
  • Seperate winch cradle to chassis mounting system allows excess weight and load to be supported directly by the chassis
  • 3mm Thick Main Body
  • 4mm + 5mm Thick Bracketry
  • 1.6mm Bash Plates

Stainless Loop Bull Bar

  • 51mm Upper loops on Classic Black and Classic Black Deluxe (60mm Landcruiser 200 Series)
  • 76mm centre loop and 51mm side loops on Stainless Loop Deluxe models 


East Coast Bullbars blend of alloy performs extremely well under stress to provide the best protection for you, your family and vehicle. One of the many advantages of using hi-tensile alloy is that it will never rust, which means it consistently maintains the best protection for your vehicle now and long into the future.

All ECB Arc™ Bars and Big Tube™ Bars feature a full one-piece centre channel section that is 6mm thick. These channel sections are plasma cut and then folded into correct shape forming the ultimate in strength for the most important part of the bull bar.

Additional Benefits of an Alloy East Coast Bullbar include:

  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • ADR & Air Bag Compliant
  • Won’t affect your New Vehicle Warranty
  • Specifically Engineered Mounts
  • LED Indicator/Park lights
  • Premium range of finishes
  • Manufactured in Australia



ARB Bull Bars provide protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal encounters while also providing base for mounting other accessories like CB Antennas, Driving Lights or Winches. The bull bars are made to be engineered & manufactured to maintain maximum functionality & also to compliment the look and feel of your vehicle. 

Some types of bull bars include:

  • Summit Bull Bars Summit is a modern interpretation of the renowned ARB Deluxe bar proven air bag compatible bull bar mounting architecture, the Summit bar incorporates unique designs. Features such as a 30mm edge radius on the wings and centre pan, wider press formed cover straps, 60.3mm top tubing & two piece polyethylene buffers.
  • Summit Sahara Bull BarsLike the Summit bar, the Summit Sahara bar also provides a solid platform for adding other accessories such as winches, driving lights and CB antennas. Available either with or without the polished centre tube, the Summit Sahara bar offers owners greater flexibility in creating their desired look.
  • Alloy Bull Bars - With styling cues designed to complement modern four wheel drive models, the Alloy bar sets the standard in protection and functionality.An optional winch provision allows the Alloy bar to accommodate a range of Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt winches, up to 10,000lbs.
  • Commercial Bull Bars - Commercial bars are frequently specified by government and fleet operators – organisations that demand strong and functional equipment but are willing to go without some of the aesthetic characteristics.
  • Deluxe Bull Bars - Loaded with features aimed at making remote area travel safer, whilst providing a solid base on which to add other touring essentials such as driving lights, winches and CB antennas, no other bull bar offers the same degree of vehicle integration, protection and functionality.
  • Nudge Bars - ARB manufactures both steel and aluminium nudge bars. ARB nudge bars are fully airbag compatible, provide increased frontal protection and add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
  • Smart Bars - Manufactured from polyethylene plastic, and popular with fleet and emergency service operators including ambulance, police and fire services, the innovative SmartBar frontal protection system provides an alternative for organisations and customers looking for a lighter alternative to traditional steel bull bars.

ARB pioneered the multi fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides an enormous amount of strength and maintains an optimum approach angle.


TJM’s Frontal Protection Systems are not only one of the toughest and strongest bull bars around, they also incorporate ease of use and access with a high level of style and function.

List of Bull Bars:

  • Outback Bar - TJM Outback bars employ either a four or five-fold channel/wing design. Folds are deliberately spaced across the channel for maximum strength and stylish looks. TJM bull bars provide secure, strong and stable mounting points to fit a large array of driving lights.
  • Signature Bar - Signature bar features include: ADR compliant, Airbag compatible, Impact protection, Alloy construction, steel mounts, 76mm centre tube and more
  • Tradesman Bar TJM Tradesman bar is the answer and it’s available now for your vehicle. TJM Tradesman bar provides uncompromised protection with its thick steel tubing but without the extra channel folds and built in fog lights which can be deemed unnecessary in the working environment. The unique three-piece design is made from high strength steel and finished with our world class powdercoat to maximise durability
  • Explorer Bar - The TJM Explorer Bullbar is fitted with a strong steel channel and a single polished steel loop over the grille, these bars convey multiple benefits. A few Benifits include: Steel construction, Lower wing and centre guards, 76mm polished steel centre tube, Designed for optimal approach angle & Integrated L.E.D. fog lights.
  • Frontier Bar - The TJM Frontier Steel bull bar features a durable steel channel which enables strong frontal protection for your vehicle. The minimalistic style adds a smart finish. Some Benifits include: Integrated L.E.D. fog lights, L.E.D. indicator/park lenses, Air vents & winch viewing slots & Re-inforced T-Slot recovery jack points
  • Tourline Bar - They are a great solution for protection from minor bumps and scrapes as well as adding value to your vehicle. As with all our frontal protection, they are individually designed to suit the shape of your individual vehicle.







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RFM 4x4 Accessories,4x4 Accessories Woolloongabba,4WD Accessories Woolloongabba,Roof Racks Woolloongabba,Canopies Woolloongabba,Bull Bars Woolloongabba,Rear Bars Woolloongabba,
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     RFM 4x4 Accessories,4x4 Accessories Woolloongabba,4WD Accessories Woolloongabba,Roof Racks Woolloongabba,Canopies Woolloongabba,Bull Bars Woolloongabba,Rear Bars Woolloongabba,
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