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Saving precious luggage and passenger space, and providing safer, more economical fuel storage for long trips. You'll minimise inconvenient refueling stops and buy your fuel at the best prices, thereby recouping the cost of installing a replacement or auxiliary tank.

Long Range Fuel and Water Tanks are designed with the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing processes. Using 2mm Aluminised Steel (14 Gauge) as the material of choice for our fuel tanks, all of our products are individually designed and tailored to suit each vehicle incorporating features such as internal baffling, anti surge dam, in-built expansion chamber and fully sealed brackets.

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Long Range Automotive uses the latest technology to design the most suitable shape fuel tank to suit the specific vehicle. Precision CAD/CAM drawings are produced for all tanks to ensure they fit properly into the selected location.

LRA use a Farley computer controlled plasma profile cutting system. With this LRA ensure accuracy, providing every customer with a high quality, precision made fuel tank.

All welds are full penetration corner to corner MIG welded, using a high quality inert shielding gas and level layer wound MIG wire to ensure good welding penetration and exclusion of porosity in the weld. Tanks are fully internally baffled and an expansion chamber is incorporated in the design of the tank. All tanks are pressure tested and checked by two seperate quality control proceedures.

Custom made to fit your vehicle allowing maximum ground clearance.

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Poly Universal Fit Fuel Tanks
Ideal for Diesel and can also be used with Petrol provided ventilation requirements are met.

Perfect for use in Ute and Truck trays or in trailers etc.  Not recommended for use inside vehicles or on Roof Racks or other unprotected applications but with suitable preparations and the use of the remote ventilation kit and suitable protection for the tank these sorts of applications may be possible.  Consult your dealer for advice on these applications.

These Poly tanks use the same compounds as the poly fuel tanks fitted to many new 4WD vehicles and include a Flourinating process making the tanks suitable for Diesel & Petrol fuels.  (Petrol applications however require more careful ventilation provisions to be made)

The tanks can be secured with good quality tie down straps or other custom made brackets & straps.  Take care to avoid materials that could chaff the tank.