The SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY vehicle recovery device. MAXTRAX MKII are sold as a pair (two units, as pictured) and include telltale leashes so you can find them after use.


Heavy-duty PVC-Vinyl, geofabric-lined carry bag provides an attractive tote and storage for your MAXTRAX, keeping mud, sand and dirt out of your vehicle.


Standard Snatch Strap is Australian Made quality. Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends for ease of connecting with red line wear indicators woven into the webbing.

This Starter Kit contains:
- Small Recovery Bag
- 8000kg Snatch Strap
- 2 x 3.2 Tonne Bow Shackles
- Pair of Gloves


Just Straps Recovery Kit
Australian Made quality with fully protected sewn eyes at both ends for ease of connecting. Tested and proven as a good all rounder.

This Kit contains:
- 8000kg Snatch Strap
- 20mtr Winch Extention Strap
- 8000kg Tree trunk Protector
- 2 x 3.2 & 1 x 4.75 Tonne Bow Shackles
- Snatch Block with Pouch & Gloves 
- Large 4 pocket Recovery Bag