Electronic Rust Prevention Systems - helping you win the expensive war on vehicle rust!

  • Affordably protects your vehicle from rust, even in places traditional chemicals and sprays can’t reach
  • Saves you thousands of dollars on vehicle maintenance
  • Protects the trade-in value of your car, truck or 4x4
  • Keeps new vehicles looking new
  • Works on new or used vehicles

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CouplerTec electronic rust proofing systems interfere with the oxidization cycle, and in effect, trick nature. This is achieved by feeding a small flow of electrons into the vehicle so the supply of electrons exceeds the demand, or loss of electrons. In creating a capacitor, the pad affixed to the paint acts as the positive plate of the capacitor, the paint becomes the dielectric which in turn holds the charge static (keeps the electrons from flowing away) and the body of the vehicle or structure then acts as the negative plate in the capacitor.

The end result is a large capacitor; the pad is the positive plate, paint is the dielectric, and the motor vehicle’s body is the negative plate. Electrons are built between the positive plate and the negative plate and the paint keeps them there. Even if a vehicle endures a stone chip, the CouplerTec system ensures no rust will take hold.

More information about the product