Stratos seats provide four wheel drive users with added comfort and lessen driver fatigue during On-Road and Off-Road trips. Whatever your four wheel driving needs, Stratos has the seat for you!

Stratos 3000 Compact - Orthopedically Designed Seat
 The stylish Stratos 3000 Compact seat features a seat cushion which allows for easy vehicle entry and exit and an ultra comfortable integrated lumbar support. The Stratos 3000 series backrest provides optimal lateral support and its Sisiara energy absorbing base system reduces driver fatigue and ensures you have a comfortable journey.
Stratos 3000 LS - Sports Seat with Extendable Front Seat Cushion
 The Stratos 3000 LS was specifically designed with the sports driver in mind. The Stratos 3000 LS features an extendable base cushion for added thigh support which can relieve muscular tension. Energy absorbing mesh   reduces driver fatigue and increases comfort. The Stratos 3000 series backrest is ergonomically contoured to provide support for the lower back and a high degree of lateral support when cornering. 
Stratos 3000 LTSS - Light Truck Suspension Seat
 The Stratos 3000 LTSS seat utilizes all of the Stratos 3000 Compact features with the addition of the new Stratos LTSS suspension system. Proven to considerably reduce vibration transmission to the occupant by up to 70%, the LTSS suspension system will provide both driver and passenger with increased comfort and support in even the toughest four wheel drive conditions.

Seat Covers







 BLACK DUCK  - Seat Covers


Denim Seat Covers

The Black Duck Denim material is a heavy duty twill fabric which has a layer of high density foam for extra comfort and a soft polyester net backing to protect it from wear. Our Denim range is a comfortable alternative to our canvas. Although it is water resistant and strong, it is not as durable as the canvas. The canvas is designed to take a hard beating of mud, dirt, grease, grime, sand, every day however the denim has sacrificed a little bit of that durability for comfort. It will still take a lot of use and abuse and protect the original seats, but it will provide more comfort for the daily drive. Perfect for the beach trip, the weekend away or the accidentally dropped ice cream.

Canvas Seat covers

Using our high quality canvas seat covers is an investment for any vehicle and stands to prolong the life of your existing seats. They are also designed to be very comfortable and sit snugly around the seats to avoid bunching and wrinkling. Easy to clean and resistant to stains, they’re the smart choice for any driver!

Tailor made to perfection, Black Duck canvas seat covers are proven as the seat protection benchmark for heavy wear situations such as mining and commercial industries.