Four wheel drive seating has been a mainstay for Stratos for many years. Demanding situations that confront both drivers and vehicles often reveal what is lacking in original equipment manufactured seats. Stratos seats provide four wheel drive users with added comfort and lessen driver fatigue during On-Road and Off-Road trips. Whatever your four wheel driving needs, Stratos has the seat for you!

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Is your car seat comfortable? Correct posture results in a pleasant journey, you'll arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and comfortable, and thereby able to work more effectively. People who travel frequently are particularly aware of how important it is to be at their best – especially after a long drive – ready for business, for conferences and of course for their families. RECARO makes car seats that adjust to your body – seats that combine ergonomics, comfort, safety and design so that you feel relaxed and healthy, even after a long week's driving.

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seat covers

Why canvas?
Because poly/cotton canvas is a waterproof, breathable, natural feel fabric that will outlast any other fabric many times over.

Why cotton lined?
Because while canvas is a waterproof, breathable, tough, long lasting fabric that can withstand loads of abuse, it can also abuse your vehicle’s nice soft seats, so to protect against this MSA 4x4 uses a complete soft cotton layer as a barrier between the canvas and the soft seat fabric. No worries!

Why poliester cotton canvas?
Although cotton feels natural and breathes in its 100% state, it has no strength, no fade resistance, no ruggedness, it will shrink and the list goes on. To provide a fabric that has the best of all worlds, it needs the blend of polyester to give it the strength, durability and toughness we require in everyday use. Without the polyester it will have no reasonable service life. You might as well put a “T-Shirt” on your seats.

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The Wet Seat is a Universal "waterproof" car seat cover made from Neoprene, used in the production of wet suits. These exciting new covers are airbag friendly, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, simple to fit, clean and very comfortable. Inland Australia's Neoprene seat covers are a black medium/large size universal fitting cover available in a range of colours and styles. Tailor made neoprene headrests can also be made to order.

The airbag compatibility is attributed to "The Wet Seat's" simple and effective design, the outer panels of the cover are left exposed, ensuring uninterrupted deployment of the airbag in the event of a side impact.

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