We have a large range of suspension upgrades available to suit most vehicles. Our sales team can assist with the correct combination to suit your vehicle and application.

You can contact our sales team by phone on 07 3391 0055 or by email for more information.

EFS - Enhanced 4WD Suspension


EFS Elite Shock Absorbers 

♦ Long Travel Design 
♦ 1.5mm Outer & Inner Wall Thickness
♦ 35mm Piston, Twin Tube Construction
♦ Dynamic Motion Control Valve
♦ Polyurethane and rubber bushes
♦ 51mm - 60mm External Tube
♦ 16mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod 

EFS Enforcer Shock Absorbers

♦ 32mm Piston, Twin Tube Construction
♦ Long Travel Design
♦ Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas
♦ 1.2mm Outer and Inner Wall Thickness
♦ High Quality Internal & External Components
♦ 15mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod
♦ Dynamic Motion Control Technology



EFS XTR Shock Absorbers

♦ 20mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod
♦ 2 mm Outer & Inner Wall Thickness
♦ 64mm External Tube
♦ Dynamic Motion Control Valve
♦ Mounting bushes
♦ Long Travel Design
♦ 40mm Piston, Twin Tube Construction
♦ 20mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod2 mm Outer & Inner Wall Thickness64mm External TubeDynamic Motion Control


 EFS Xtreme Shock Absorbers

♦ Durable Over-sized Concertina Dust Boot
♦ Over-sized Eye Rings & Pin MountsEFSExtremeshocks
♦ Internal Hydraulic Rebound Stop
♦ 20mm Hardened Chrome Piston Rod
♦ 2mm H/D External Wall Thickness
♦ Special High Temperature Fluid
♦ Large 45mm Bore
♦ Twin Tube Hydraulic Design
♦ Dynamic Motion Control Valve
♦ Bonded Rubber Eye Bushes
♦ 3 year / 100,000 Km warranty
♦ Quality Multi-lip Viton Seal
♦ High Strength Iron Piston Rings


EFS - DMC-T - Dynamic Motion Control Technology

This valving system will negate the use of externally adjustable shocks because this technology adjusts automatically while you are driving to suit the driving conditions. During slow, off camber, off-road situations the EFS shock will allow your vehicle's suspension to move in a more relaxed state allowing for greater articulation and off-road control. And during high speed situations eg.gravel roads and outback corrugations the valving tightens up with the speed of the fluid passing through the valve inside the shock, giving you added control and safety.




EFS Coil Springs


Shot Peened which can stress relieve the outer surface of the Coil, so the Coil can operate under higher fatigue & repeated load conditions to ensure longevity.
Scragged for Quality Control
Powder Coated to help protect from minor damage of the coil.
EFS Coil Springs are manufactured under a strict quality control system with Spring steel in accordance with ISO-9002.


EFS Leaf Springs

Inter-Leaf Graphite Coating
Shot Peened & Scragged Tested 
Leaf Inserts Pads
Tapered Leaf Ends
Bolt Clip Liners
Bolt Clips & Military Wraps
Warranty - 3 year / 100,000 Km Warranty


EFS Torsion Bars

Made from High Carbon Alloy Steel (XK-5160)
Pre Stressed to have durability
Increased in Spring rate to compensate for load bearing accessories 
Bars Feature - Machined Splines, Bar Peeled & Rolled to ensure strength & reliability


TJM - 4x4 Equipped



TJM - EGS Suspension Kit

Installing TJM XGS suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride. It will also improve handling, load carrying and towing capabilities. For your 4000 & 400's series across your Mitsubishi, Toyota and Fords.
TJM do a wide range of Shock Absorbers, Fox Shocks, Coil Springs, Leaf Springs and Torsion Bars.




 Lovells Suspension


Coil Suspension

Lovells Coil Springs are designed as a superior performance replacement part for mass-produced Original Equipment coil springs. This dramatically improves the ride height variations are available for most makes and models.





Leaf Suspension


All Leaf springs are cambered on in-house designed and manufactured machines before being assembled, rate tested and inspected. All leaf springs are enamel dipped in Lovells Navy Blue ready for dispatch.




 POLYAIR Springs


Polyair springs offer a wide range of suspensions to suit your 4x4 vehicle.