TX3520 remote mount 5 watt UHF CB radio
The TX3520 displays the same rugged construction, comprehensive feature set and renowned GME reliability as the TX3510. The remote head allows for an aesthetically pleasing, easy installation, especially when space is limited, which is often the case in today’s modern vehicles.

TX3540 remote mic 5 watt UHF CB radio
The TX3540 is the flagship of the TX3500 family, its feature set is similar to the TX3510 and TX3520. The full function LCD remote microphone provides the ability to control all the radio’s features in the palm of your hand, and is the ultimate ‘space saver’.

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The IC-400PRO comes pre-programmed with the 80 UHF CB simplex and repeater channels. Up to 35 additional channels are available for monitoring frequencies in the 450MHz–500MHz band. Channel data entry is available through the front panel, or via optional PC programming

  • Smart Ring and Automatic Transponder acknowledges if other Icom
  • CB transceivers received your call or are within range.
  • Touch pad controls and rotary volume dial
  • Backlit LCD with 8 character alpha display and status icons
  • Compact and light with front facing speaker and quality mounting kit for roof or console mounting
  • Optional DIN size kit for in-dash installation

Powerful UHF CB Handheld – Built Tough and Packed with Essential Features, Delivering Superior Performance

All 80 simplex CB channels plus 16 repeater channels are available. In addition, 35 private channels are available for programming of extra commercial channels within the 450 to 480MHz range.

The IC-41S is water-resistant and has dust-proof construction equivalent to IP54, which enables operation in areas demanding high quality handheld radios.

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Iridium 9555 Satphone Hire

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The Iridium 9555 is engineered to withstand the world’s toughest environments, so the world’s toughest customers can depend on it as a critical lifeline wherever need takes them. The Iridium 9555 is not only the smallest phone Iridium has ever made, it’s also the most powerful. With a significantly reduced footprint from our previous phone, more hand-friendly form factor, and aerodynamic features such as an internally stowed antenna, this sleek handset is designed to easily go wherever you go.

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