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Top 6 Things You Never Forget When Camping

Going on a camping adventure is always a memorable experience. Getting out of town for a long weekend is a fantastic way to clear your head and spend some quality time with family and friends. Plenty of preparation goes into a camping trip, even if only spending a few days in the wilderness. And of course, forgetting essential items is common. A simple mistake of forgetting a certain item can easily turn your trip into a major headache. The mixture of excitement and mayhem in preparing everything before you leave can often cause forgetfulness, so it’s always wise to make a checklist. Your destination will play a central role in the type of camping items you’ll need, but this checklist aims to encompass all the essential items you’ll need when camping in Australia.

First aid kit

Arguably the most important (and forgotten) item on your camping trip is a comprehensive first aid kit. Spending time in the mountains or on the beach often leads to a few bumps and scratches, so to patch up some wounds and avoid an infection, always bring a first aid kit with you. Your first aid kit should include some bandages, band aids, gauze, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide, ideally stored in a waterproof container.

Mosquito repellent & sunscreen

Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are both crucial items for any camping trip that can be easily forgotten. There’s nothing worse than being unprotected from the sun during the day and an open platter for mosquitoes during the night. Avoid the pain and agony and make sure you don’t forget these vital items. You certainly don’t want to cover your sunburnt skin with mud at night just to keep the mozzies at bay!


Another commonly forgotten item on camping trips are matches. Unless you want to learn how to make a fire from rubbing sticks together, be sure to buy a big pack of matches that can be thrown into your camping bag and left for years. Without fire, your food options are severely limited and the nights will be a whole lot colder. Lighters will do the job, but they’re susceptible to breaking so it's always a good idea to bring matches with you.

Torch (plus spare batteries!)

You’ll never know when a torch (or headlight) will come in handy, so it’s definitely an essential item that should be taken on every camping trip. Traffic is rife over the long weekends and during holidays, so it’s likely that you might get held up in traffic and arrive at your campsite late. And you’ll certainly need it when trying to find the bathroom after the fire’s gone out. Spare batteries are equally important because without batteries, you’ve got no torch! Always keep spare batteries in your camping bag.

Swiss army knife

The Swiss army knife is small and compact and comes with many different applications such as a knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, scissors, and tweezers. We can’t remember the last time we went on a camping trip and didn’t use a Swiss army knife! While it may not be an essential item, the size and convenience of this little item is well worth the space.


Last but not least, an essential camping item you don’t want to forget is plenty of rope. Rope can be used for many purposes, such as making a clothesline, towing heavy objects, towing people out of sticky situations (hiking or swimming), and supporting your shelter. Rope doesn’t take up much room either, so like many other items in this checklist, you can throw it in your camping bag and it will last for years. While there are obviously other essential items that you’ll need for a camping trip, all the items described above are crucial in ensuring you and family/friends have the ability to overcome any sticky situation that nature might throw at you. Camping adventures can either be a remarkable experience, or a miserable one, depending on how prepared you are! If you need to purchase any camping equipment and accessories, or just need some general advice, get in touch with the experts at RFM 4x4 by phoning 07 3391 0055, or visit our homepage for more information:

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    Camping is an adventurous activity but there must be some precautions for it. Because it is not really safe. The things are precisely described in this article to keep us safe from any danger. Be careful about these things and take care of yourself.

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